Staff Directory

NETWORK Project Directors (Plymouth Public Schools):

Name/Position: Project Title: Email:
Sarah Reichert
i3 Grant Secretary
i3 Grant Secretary sreichert [at] plymouth [dot] k12 [dot] ma [dot] us
Christopher Campbell
Assistant Superintendent A&I
Lead Project Director ccampbell [at] plymouth [dot] k12 [dot] ma [dot] us
Gary Maestas
Superintendent of Schools
Project Director gmaestas [at] plymouth [dot] k12 [dot] ma [dot] us
Sean Halpin
Director of Guidance and Remediation Services
Project Support shalpin [at] plymouth [dot] k12 [dot] ma [dot] us

NETWORK TA Project Directors (CSSR):

Name/Position: Project Title: Email:
Joe DiMartino
Lead TA Project Director joedimartino [at] cssr [dot] us
William Bryan
Vice President
Lead TA Project Director billbryan [at] cssr [dot] us
Jay Midwood
Director of Quality Assurance
Project Manager jaymidwood [at] cssr [dot] us

NETWORK TA School Change Coaches (CSSR):

Name/Position: Project Title: Email:
Nelson Beaudoin School Change Coach nelbeaudoin [at] gmail [dot] com
Arnold Clayton School Change Coach arnoldclayton [at] gmail [dot] com
Tony Ferreira School Change Coach tony [dot] ferreira133 [at] gmail [dot] com
John Freeman School Change Coach sau51super [at] metrocast [dot] net
Margaret Maclean School Change Coach margaret [dot] maclean [at] ruraledu [dot] org

NETWORK Evaluators (UCLA SMP):

Name/Position: Project Title: Email:
Laureen Cervone
Associate Director
Lead Evaluator avery [at] gseis [dot] ucla [dot] edu
Juan Lopez Evaluator jlopez [at] gseis [dot] ucla [dot] edu
Lisa DiMartino
Program Manager
Evaluator dimartino [at] gseis [dot] ucla [dot] edu
Jason Cervone
Program Evaluator
Evaluator jcervone [at] gseis [dot] ucla [dot] edu

NETWORK Site Coordinators:

Name/School Project Title: Email:
Christopher Geraghty
Kearsarge Regional High School
Site Coordinator cgeraghty [at] kearsarge [dot] org
Steve Tucker
Laconia High School
Site Coordinator stucker [at] laconiaschools [dot] org
Linda Chick
Manchester West High School
Site Coordinator lchick [at] mansd [dot] org
Fern Downing
Nute High School
Site Coordinator Fern [dot] Downing [at] sau64 [dot] org
Peggy Reynolds
Nashua High School North
Site Coordinator reynoldsm [at] nashua [dot] edu
Peggy Reynolds
Nashua High School South
Site Coordinator reynoldsm [at] nashua [dot] edu
Jim LeBaron
Newfound Regional High School
Site Coordinator jlebaron [at] sau4 [dot] org
Sheila Ward
Pittsfield Middle High School
Site Coordinator sward [at] pittsfieldnhschools [dot] org
Christina Burns
Raymond High School
Site Coordinator c [dot] burns [at] sau33 [dot] com
Catrina DiNapoli
Mt. Abraham Union Middle HS
Site Coordinator

cdinapoli [at] anesu [dot] org

Kathleen McSweeney
Plymouth North High School
Site Coordinator kmcsweeney [at] plymouth [dot] k12 [dot] ma [dot] us
Patricia Fry
Plymouth South High School
Site Coordinator pconnors [at] plymouth [dot] k12 [dot] ma [dot] us
Josh Gould
Noble High School
Site Coordinator joshua [dot] gould [at] msad60 [dot] org

NETWORK Funding Organizations:

Name/School Project Title: Email:
Jessica Spohn
Senior Program Officer
Lead Contact jspohn [at] nmefoundation [dot] org
Margaret Maclean
Independent Consultant
Lead Contact margaret [dot] maclean [at] ruraledu [dot] org