Pittsfield Middle High School


AA Teacher Team Meeting Agenda



  • begins i3 team development
  • gains clarity about project and expectations for this year
  • assesses readiness and plans first steps for journey


  • Gather/Connect/Agenda review (10 mins.)
  •  ...

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UCLA Evaluation Visit


Pittsfield Middle High School

UCLA Visit Agenda:

Discussion of understanding of roles and overall project activities.

Discussion of process used to communicate NETWORK specifics to faculty and staff.

Discussion of ease of logistical issues (budget, meetings, communication, etc.).


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Authentic Assessment Teacher Team

Please welcome the following teachers to the I-3 Grant AA Teacher Team. We thank them for their dedication and commitment to improving student learning and achievement within our school.

Kiza Armour

Alexandra Briggs

Katie Loud

Bill Mitchell

Paul Strickhart

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