Noble High School


Validation Process Explored

Noble High School is currently exploring methods to create curriculum which are deemed reliable and valid within a competency-based educational system.  

Modeled after a process used at Network School Nute High School,   Kate Gardoqui and Josh Gould are working on a system to incentivize teachers to use resources available...

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Community Engagement Center at Noble High School

Over the past year Noble High School has been able to link students to real adult mentors in order to fasciliate from authentic learning opportunityes.   Through the Community Engagement Center,  which is directed by Rebecca Manning,  Noble students are able to work with real people who have an expertise they are willing to share...

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Change Leadership Team Named

In an effort to methodically link the school change process between major initiatives, a change leadership team has been created.   The team will work to ensure that the process of change will support and sustain future success amongst our initiatives.  

Change Leadership Team:

  • Joseph...

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Noble High Senior Project Topics - Semester 1



  •  What impact does Fibro-Myalgia have on a person’s body and his/her daily life?  ...

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Senior Project Presentations underway; Semester II Courses Begin today

Roughly 50% of Noble High School students completed their Senior Project exhibition at the close of semester I.   Like in past years,  topics ranged from those with a direct influence on career preparation to those areas of inquiry which fascinates students. 

Sample of Senior Project Topics: 

The Mind of...

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